Green Schooling concept is creating a community of Nature Champions Worldwide.

Green School

Green Schools is Global Model of Nature connected Schooling recognized by United Nations is based on 5 core elements of Nature, Earth, Water, Air, Sky and Fire, that leads this model to the sustainable future. Green Schooling takes your School to the Global standard of Schooling and makes your students as more competent in the World.

We have various products and service which will definitely inspire you to start your Green Journey from now....

Green Quest

Green Quest is a set of questions designed to know the Environment Quotient of every student from class I - XII. This quest helps you to know the interest and behavior of your students towards environment and School Biodiversity.

Green Auditing

Green Auditing is a unique process that, allows you to know the uses of your available resources .i.e. Energy, Water quality, Buildup Space, Air quality, Play Ground, Stationery, Human Resources, Fire Safety, Transport, Cafeteria, Classroom Environment, Library uses, Sanitation Facilities, Teachers Efficiency, Return on your Investment etc. It is like scanning of your whole school, which gives you the authentic data of resource usage.

Green Uniform

Green Uniform is made from ethically procured eco-friendly 100 % Cotton fabrics which have no malicious chemicals which makes students to feel safe, comfortable, and allergy-free while learning in Schools. Green Uniform allows student's skin to breath in all developmental stages.

Green Teacher

Green Teacher is an exclusively designed 50 or 100 Hours Global Certificate and Diploma in-service Training Program, which empowers teachers to use Power of Nature in their day to day teaching learning process. Since Green Teacher is a Global Teacher Training programs, therefore all Green teachers are paid 20 % more remuneration than the conventional teachers in all Green Schools worldwide.

We also provide certified trained Teachers & Principals to the Schools on annual agreement bases to maintain the quality of teaching round the year.

Green Curriculum

Green Curriculum is exclusively designed Nature connected and Multiple Intelligence enabled Curriculum from K- Grade-8, linked with all Syllabus and Boards in India and abroad. Green Curriculum can be introduced after the Green Teachers Training program.

Green Incubation Centre

Green Incubation Centre is powered by 21st Century Curriculum connected learning skills, exclusively designed for the slow learners and Hyper active students from Class VI-XII. Green Incubation centre powered school can assure Parents to achive 100% learning outcome of student's potential in spite of their special or hyperactive feature.

Green Games

Green Games are the Indigenous Nature connected Games, that helps students to understand the Nature and Natural world through Sports.

Green Assessment

Green Assessment is NO PAPER Examination model intend to reduce the use of paper in examination. Schools can conduct at least 2 Green Assessment to save the uses of paper. We help Schools to design the online assessment software.

Mountain Classroom

We can't bring Mountain to the School, but we can always take school to the Mountain. Our Mountain Classroom is a Weeklong extended exiting Nature Classroom, based at various locations in Himalaya, where students from a particular class along with their teachers travel to our Mountain Classroom facility and learn everything about the Nature. Mountain food detoxifies student's body from toxic content, while mountain music and tradition adds values in their life. This experience transforms student into nature Champion.

Marine Classroom

Marine Classroom is also a weeklong Nature education program where students from a particular class from VI-XII along with their teachers travel to Marine Classroom at Marine Sanctuary Jamnagar-Gujarat to learn fascinating underwater treasure-trove of marine species of Coral Reef, Sponges, Prawns, Crabs and Mollusks.

Green Mentors Guild

Green Mentors Guild is a Global Alliance of Green Educators who are promoting & practicing sustainability in their teaching learning practices. These Global Mentors are invited to share their knowledge, experiences and understanding about Green Schooling with other Schools, through training, mentoring and monitoring.

Global Green School

Global Green School is our own brand of Sustainable Global Schooling. We invite Schools to be partner with us in terms of investment, operation or joint venture. Any School joins us as a partner, enjoys more profits than the past and satisfaction of Global Green Schooling.

Global Green Kids

Green Kids is a partnership Model of Green Mentoring & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In this model we operate the Kinder Garten section of any School and share profit with the owner or investor. It helps School or investor to increase admissions, improve its brand value as a Global brand and hike in the fee and happiness.

+2 Priority Admissions

Since many leading Universities in US and Europe offer priority in Admissions to the students passing from Green Schools, therefore we also take this opportunity to help your school students to opt for Priority Admission in these Universities after passing plus 2 Examination from your School.

Happy Transfer

Every School is having the students from working Class of transferable Job section of society. We also offer happy transfer & admission facilities to the similar grade and curriculum based Schools associated with us worldwide.

Green Mentoring Workshop

Members of Green Mentors Guild are invited to conduct the Green Mentoring Workshop in their neighboring Areas on regular interval of time.

Green Stationery

We also offer Green Stationery containing Note Books, Chart Papers, Pen, Pencils & Chalk etc. Made from recycled or eco- friendly materials as alternative source of stationery to the Schools.

Green Corner

Students mostly uses the toxic materials in their co-curricular activities, which make impact on the learning environment. We offer Green Corner - a certified Green products tuck Shoppe in side of School campus, which offers Green products to students and School for their day-to-day needs.

Green Transport

Transport is the biggest Source of Carbon Emissions especially in the Metros. Most of Diesel fueled Buses discharge large amount of carbon in atmosphere during the school commuting hours. We offer Customized Green Transport driven by female drivers to make school commuting safe and healthy.

Global Experiential Learning Program

School wishes of provide International exposure to their students, especially in Europe and USA are offered to join our Curriculum connected Global Experiential Learning Programs.

Student–Teachers Exchange Program

We also offer credit based students Exchange Program to and from more than 4500 Green Schools Worldwide. Schools having World Class Boarding facilities are preferred to join this program.

Model UN

As part of Internalization or Globalization of Education, we also Host Model United Nation every year in the different part of the World, with our partner Schools. We bring delegates from more than 50 Countries to make MUN more relevant and participative.

Climate Olympiad

As part spreading the spirit of sustainability in education, we also Host online Annual Climate Olympiad every year. We invite students from Class VI-XII to participate in the Olympiad and lead towards sustainable practices and lifestyle.

Wear for Environment Day

To create the awareness of eco friendly or low Carbon Lifestyle, we Host seasonal WEAR FOR ENVIRONMENT DAY in Schools, Universities, Corporate and large institutions.

Benefits of Global Green School

A Global Green school brand is good for everyone involved. In addition to protecting students from environmental health and safety risks its help to save money and increase efficiency.

• Most Safest & Healthiest Model of Schooling in the World

• Most Sustainable & Affordable Model of Global Schooling in the World

• Save money through reduced consumption of resources

• Increase efficiency of operations and use of resources

• Create favorable learning and teaching conditions

• Educate the next generation on the value of caring for the environment

• Curriculum enrichment through practical experiences

• Development in ownership; personal and social

• Enhancement of school profile

• Green School makes your School different from other schools

• Enhancement in overall annual school result

• Consistency in student's Fitness level

• More involvement of student in learning process

• Discipline is driven by respect, care and concern

• Students are nurtured in a natural environment

• Reduction in parent complaint ratio towards learning

• Rise in trust and faith in the mind of parents towards school

• Rise in teacher's efficiency, proficiency and performance

• Access to more than 10,000 Green Schools worldwide

The chances are, we will not be able to solve all the environmental challenges at one time. We have to start with the easiest strategies that will have the greatest impact, in other words, “think big, start small.” Once we will able to build momentum, we can expand our initiative in other areas.